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About Us

Our Mission:
Through a collective vision, we will create an army of passionate, enthusiastic volunteers dedicated to:

  • Shaping a creative economy to foster and support artists; 

  • Identifying opportunities and providing noteworthy events that educate and spark imagination and excitement for our diverse community;

  • And, partnering with other groups in our city to lift every opportunity up to daring heights as we thrive as neighbors and friends

ACES of Meridian is a non-profit organization made up of arts minded volunteers that focus on creative cultural events in Meridian, MS.  The organization was founded in 2021.  

Our Board:

Mark Davis - President

Will Hayes - Vice President

Amber Hayes - Treasurer

Robin Cumberland - Secretary

Joyce Lane

Casey Culpepper

Julia Norman

Brejenn Allen

Daniel Ethridge

Sydney Hannah

Cary Haycox

Elic Purvis

Fabrizio Salazar

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